Bugzilla "Cannot determine local time zone" problem

I had this problem today and was pulling my hairs out trying to find a solution.
Below is the only fix that worked for me:
In 'lib/DateTime/TimeZone/Local.pm', find 'sub TimeZone {', right after it, put this next line:
return DateTime::TimeZone->new(name => 'Asia/Shanghai');
(Replace 'Asia/Shanghai' with your own timezone.)
Basically all the rest of this sub has no effect now.

Reload the error page, if it show another error says: "List::Util version 1.31 required...", open 'lib/List/AllUtils.pm', goto line 10, or find the line:
use List::Util 1.31 ();
Just delete '1.31'.

After that, it should work.  I'm using Bugzilla 4.4.9.


john said...

The issue has been resolved in the latest version of bugzilla.

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