Creating a Fedora 11 image

Fedora 11 is out. I made a fedora 11 image as my domU. The steps for making a Fedora 11 image is little different than those for Fedora 10 that I have described here. But there are some caveats, all related to RPM.

First you have must rpm version > 4.6, otherwise you have have this MD5 errors (fedora 11 doesn't use md5 checksum anymore).

Second, the new rpm in fedora 11 use LUA, but liblua.so is not installed by yum groupinstall. So inside fedora 11, we have this chicken and egg problem. To install liblua.so from liblua.rpm (and anything else from rpm) we need rpm; but to run rpm, we need liblua.so. To solve this, just copy liblua.so from fedora 10 to fedora 11's /usr/lib when fedora 11's image is mounted in fedora 10.

Other than these, everything's fine with making Fedora 11 image.