EasyDedupe: delete your duplicate photos, movies, or any files

I have a lots of duplicate photos and movies that's taken up lots of hard-drive space.  I'm tired of finding them one by one manually.  So I spent this weekend  writing a program that can automatically detect and delete the duplicates.  I was able to reclaim half terabyte of space by using this program.

The program is called EasyDedupe.  You can download it here.  After you download it, just unzip it (twice, if I don't double compress, the zip file can't be saved in Chrome), and run EasyDedupe.exe inside the unzipped folder.  Yes, it only runs on Windows.  But the program is written in Python, if you use Mac or Linux, just grab the source code and run it from the command line: "python EasyDedupe.py". To run the source, you need to have wxPython installed. (On Mac, also do a "export VERSIONER_PYTHON_PREFER_32_BIT=yes" to set python run in 32bit before running Python)

There are 2 ways to run it: one is comparing 2 folders and delete any files in the second folders that's duplicate of the ones in the first folder. The other is simply select one folder, the program will find duplicates and delete them.   The first way is useful for deleting duplicates that are on the different folders or disks.  The second way is useful for deleting duplicates within a single folder (and it sub folders).

The program is very much alpha.  Let me know if it crashes on you.  It works for me.  It shouldn't delete non-duplicates.  Of course there's absolutely no guarantee nor warranty.  If you want to be extra cautious, use "Dry Run" option at the bottom of the UI.  "Dry Run" will not actually delete any files.  You can then look at "log.txt" file to see if the detected duplicates really are duplicates.