CombiMath My first IOS game

My first IOS game CombiMath is released. (App Store Link)

(Accompanying web site - http://combimath.com/, visit it from cellphone to take full advantage of it.)

It's a "calculate 24" game.  I made the same game for web 3 years ago using Google AppEngine (link).  For IOS, I tried  to make it using HTML5 wrapped in UIWebview so that I don't have to use Objective-C.  But I wasn't satisfied with the end result of that effort.   So I bite the bullet and start learning Obj-C.  Turned out it wasn't so bad.  Objective-C is quite easy.  I also used Cocos2d, a popular 2D IOS game engine, which simplified a lot of things.

I'm glad it's out of the door.  I need to add game center with leader-board and battle mode in the next release.