Solving windows installer error 2503 2502 problem

I got a new laptop and tried to install python on it. But it gave me 2503 2502 error.  I had installed python on other windows 8 machines and never had this problem.

2503/2502 problem is caused by insufficient permission, which should be fixed easily, just right-click and then "run as Administrator", right?  Wrong! There's no "Run as Administrator" option available for MSI (windows installer) file.

Now the solution: open explorer, find your way to C:\Windows\System32, locate cmd.exe, right click it, then "Run as Administrator".  (If that's too complicated, try this: press "windows+Q", type "cmd", right click "Command Prompt", then "run as administrator").

Now cd to the directory where download the MSI file, then type the filename and enter. Install as usual.


Jeremy Orchard said...

Nice hack/workaround.

I'd visited around 20 forum threads before i saw yours, this is by far the easiest workaround for this issue, (likely relating to permissions to write to specific folders or something on win 8).

עידו שמעון said...

thank you very much.

עידו שמעון said...

thank you very much.