How to add watermark to animated gif

I absolutely hate seeing all those watermarks on animated gif's. What am I going to do about it? I will teach you how to add your own.
Here are the steps:
 1, make a watermark image.
 a, create an image contain your text using a drawing program(I use mspaint on windows). I usually set background (or fill with color) to black, and text color to white, and save as monochrome bmp file.
 b, open your image from Gimp(a popular free image editor), add alpha to layer, change layer name from “background” to something else. Then add layer with transparency, use the magic wand(fuzzy select) then cut the black out.
 c, resize as needed, then save as “watermark.gif”.

 2, make/get an animated gif, resize as needed (use Gimp’s “Transform Tools->Crop” and/or “Images->Scale image”), save as “input.gif”

 3, combind input gif and watermark using ImageMagick
convert input.gif -coalesce -gravity SouthEast -geometry +5+5 null: watermark.gif -layers composite -layers optimize output.gif
4, profit! (or induce gif watermark hatred)

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