Biden's 11/4 Early Morning Vote Jump in Michigan (Un-)Explained.

You've probably seen this graph and noticed the sudden jump of Biden's vote total in the early morning on 11/4 in Michigan.

You may have seen Josh Philip from EpochTime or the POTUS's videos on this jump.  (If you haven't seen them, that's because they are censored by BigTechs and main stream medias.)

In this post, I explain this jump and why it's fraudulent.

Let's focus on the "jump".

You can look at the data in your browser.  Open with Firefox:
Click "data", "races", "0", then scroll down and find and click "timeseries", then scroll down and find 465 and 466, click to open both, click "vote_shares" in both, you will see:

The jump at 466 happened at 11/4 11:31:53Z.  The time is GMT, in eastern time, it's 6:31:53am.  Notice the vote dump before it has timestamp 11:31:48Z.  That's 5 seconds before.  Edison research aggregates data from different counties, 2 counties might happen to report their data 5 seconds apart.  So the 5 second time difference is not cause for concern, unlike some pundits have said.

The number of votes in this vote dump is 4724327-4574555=149772.  Using "vote_shares" provided, Biden got: 4724327*0.485-4574555*0.47=141258 votes
Trump got: 4724327*0.498-4574555*0.513=5968 votes.

The number of votes that're calculated are not accurate because "vote_shares" are rounded to 3 decimal places.  To get accurate number of votes, we turn to another source.  This is New York Time's "votes remaining" data snapshots.  The data can be found:
By compare different snapshots of this data, we can find out which county updated its vote total and exact vote splits.
The data from Wayne County is listed here:

Notice the difference between the rows at 10:43:33Z(blue) and 11:33:20Z(orange).  Votes increased by:
607656-457884=149772.  So we know the vote dump is from Wayne county.
The exact number of votes for Biden and Trump:
Biden: 408131-268229=139902 votes
Trump: 190951-181974=8977 votes
That's 139902/149772=93.4% for Biden, and 8977/149772=6.0% for Trump.

Now the question is: Are these votes from Detroit?

From Detroit's official election result website:  Out of 250138, Biden got 233908, Trump got 12654.  It seems obvious the vote dump is from Detroit because the percentages match.  But let's make sure.
From Wayne county election result website: Out of 874018, Biden got 597170, Trump got 264553.  So from NON-Detroit precincts: out of 623880 (874018-250138) votes, Biden got 363262 (597170-233908), Trump got 251899 (264553-12654).  Percentage wise, Biden got 363262/623880=58.2%, Trump got 251899/623880=40.4%.

So from vote distribution, the 149772 vote dump could NOT come from non-Detroit Wayne County precincts.  It could Only come from City of Detroit.

But it DIDN'T.

From precinct level data snapshots of New York Times, in the timeframe between 10:23Z and 11:38Z, City of Detroit's increase in vote total is 11067.  
(The latest version of this data can be found at: https://static01.nyt.com/elections-assets/2020/data/api/2020-11-03/precincts/MIGeneralConcatenator-latest.json , but you need different snapshots of this file and calculate the difference to make sense of the data.)

Up to 10:23Z, Detroit's total is 214644, and it's already included in the 457884 figure from Wayne county.  Detroit's final total is 250138, so the 149772 number can not come from City of Detroit.

Now we have a problem: We know these 149772 votes came from Wayne County.  They can only come from Detroit and they did not come from Detroit.   They seemed to come out of thin air.

No one have provide an explanation to the Biden Jump and no medias have disputed or "fact-check"ed the fact that it's suspicious and the 149772 votes were most likely fraudulent. 

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Unknown said...

Have you looked at precinct data to see where the vote dump came from if it wasn't Detroit? Does it show up anywhere?