JW media player with lyrics scroller

Yesterday, I made a lyrics scroller. The thing works, but it's missing quite a few things, like, progress bar, seek, time display, volume control, videos.

So today I made a new one, this time using jw media player. JW media player is a full featured web media player. It has almost everything. Now it has a lyrics scroller;)

Below is a demo, it's a iframe of this page.

Include 4 javascript files in the html header:
jquery.js, jquery.scrollTo-1.4.2-min.js, swfobject.js, jwplrc.js

Then put these javascript code in html:
var flashvars = {

The "file" flashvar can be used to specify a media file such as mp3 or a playlist xml file.
If it's a single media file, you need to specify "lrc" flashvar to tell the player where lrc file is. (update on 1/18/10)It can be in your web directory or anywhere on the web.
if it's a playlist, no "lrc" flashvar is needed. You imply that lrc and media are at
same location/directory, and lrc and media have the same filename.
If it's a playlist, you need to specify lrc file in "<info> </info>" inside playlist xml file. The media files can be anywhere on the web, but lrc files has to be on your own site.

"create_jwplrc" is just a wrapper function that wraps "swfobject.embedSWF". The first argument for create_jwplrc is the id of a "<div>" that will be the player, 2nd/3rd are width and height, 4th is flashvars, 5th is parameters, it can be empty {}. The 6th argument is a unique name for the player.

File download wensheng.com/code/jwlyrics.tgz (updated 1/18/10)

A javascript mp3 player with scrolling lyrics (lrc) display

When listening to music on PC, I use a Chinese mp3 player called TTPlayer. The main feature of TTPlayer is it display lyrics that synced with the music.
Searching for a web equivalent, the closest thing i found is this. But it has issues, for me anyway, i.e. play only one song, no play/pause control, can't scroll back, can't replay, use an unfamiliar animation framework. So I look at the code and come up with my own. The player is based on soundmanager2 demo code. It use jquery and jquery scrollto plugin.

The demo is at: http://wensheng.com/code/sm_lyrics/

The code can be downloaded here.