Happy Girls

I will be watching Tonight's Super Girls (or Happy Girls, as it's called now). I don't know why I watch it. I never watched American Idols or any other pop contest shows. And I absolutely hate the most populor one of previous super-girls winner - Li Yuchun.

But since I watched this year's happy-girls one night with wife, I got hooked. Maybe it's just the pretty girls I'd like to watch. I told a co-worker the other day I like Happy-girls, she said I'd have become dirty middle-aged man (龌龊中年男人). Is that the reason? Ouch..

I am rooting for Liu Xijun 刘惜君. (big pic)

I also like Tan Lina 谈莉娜, she's very pretty. (pic)
I like Li Xiaoyun 李宵云 too (video), but she's not good-looking. Huang ying's good too, but her voice style gets old after a while. I really don't care for other girls.

Here's a video of Liu from youtube singing "伤痕". In my opinion, it's better than Lin yilian's original.

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