Create QRcode with google chart API

Google recently add QRCode to its Chart API. This make QRCode generation a breeze. All you need to do is sending a GET request to google.
QR Code is the most popular 2d barcode. I put a page up that make it easy to generate QR Code with Google Chart API:


To create a URL, you need to put 'http://' at the beginning. Otherwise code reader will see it as just text. Likewise to create a telephone number, you need to put 'tel:' at the beginning, otherwise it's just code and you can't dial it from your phone.

There're a lot of code readers. I have Kaywa Reader on my cellphone, it works really well.


Anonymous said...

This is cool. Can you add inputs for EC? to crontrol error correction?

Wensheng Wang said...

Good idea. Added. Thanks for suggestion.

Omar said...

I have a better one http://omarabid.com/barcode/online_qrcode.php

alextnn said...

Here is a cool tool we put together to generate QRCodes, check it out:


Atila Tini said...

Hey, man, what a great page to generate QR Codes you made.
I have a question:
- Would it be possible for me to have the gqrcode.js script you have in your site, so I can deploy this application on my site too?

I would really appreciate that.
Again: congratulations for the nice page.
Atila Tini