PA Chester and Montgomery County Absentee Voting Irregularities

New York Times website maintains a "votes remaining" data that shows how many total votes and absentee votes each county in US currently have and their breakdown.  By calculating the difference between snapshots of this data from different time, we get how many votes each candidate gain during a specific time frame.

Some concerned citizens have been scraping this data since 11/3 election night and have saved more than a thousand snapshots.

I just analyzed a tiny part of these data, here're 2 "vote moving" irregularities I found in Pennsylvania

The first one is from Chester County PA.

At 11/04 22:01 (5:01pm EST), Chester have 269304 total votes and 55824 Absentee votes.  So number of total in-person votes is: 269304-55824=213480.  The record also show how many vote each candidate had.  At 11/05 0:34 (11/4 7:01pm EST), Chester's total votes increased to 279713 and its absentee votes increased to 117736.  The number of in-person votes now is: 279713-117736=161977.  Chester's in-person votes decreased by more than 50000!  Did they move 50000 votes from in-person to absentee category?

In this figure, I highlighted calculations in yellow. "ip_trump" indicates "in-person Trump Votes".
Trump gained 11508 absentee votes, Biden gained 50146 absentee votes.  Trump LOST 9622 in-person votes, Biden lost 41695 in-person votes.  Overall Trump was added 1886 votes, Biden was added 8451.  So a data entry error of marking absentee as in-person and later correction of this error can not be the explanation.  There's no plausible cause of this irregularity except for fraud and covering-up of fraud.

Let's move on to Montgomery County.
Here we see a similar phenomenon as the one in Chester county but with even bigger numbers!

At 11/5 14:09gmt (9:09am EST), Montgomery's absentee votes increased by 90022, but total votes increased by only 9534.  This means 80488 in-person votes are removed!

Trump gained 3331 absentee votes but LOST 844 in-person votes.  While Biden gained whopping 85857 absentee votes, a figure 26 times of Trump's, he LOST 78971 in-person votes, a figure 94 times 
of that for Trump.

Again, there seems to be no other explanation than fraud and covering-up of fraud.

Revolver covered the their detailed (perhaps too detailed) Montgomery findings.

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